en-Interview with Martin R. Lewis (spacecraft Nauka)

New interview! Two days ago, Mr. Martin R. Lewis gave us an interview about his photo he took and showing the Russian Nauka mound. As you know, it anchored yesterday on the International Space Station (ISS). Martin is a great astronomer photographer from the UK and we thank him a lot for making time for us. Martin took the photo with the Nauka ship just a few hours after its launch, on July 21, 2021. So far, he is the one of the only ones who has been able to take such a photo of the Nauka shuttle. Even if for Martin it is a passion these photos in the field of space, they have developed and you have me a lot and from the passion they have reached above.  

The British astronomer told Bailey Universe that he photographed this ship, right behind his house in St. Albans, UK. Indeed, Martin managed a performance. When our team asked Martin how he felt when he saw the shuttle, he replied: "Very pleased with the level of detail picked up in my image" proving how passionate he is for this astronomical field. Martin photographed many other planets in the Solar System and took many wonderful photographs, but this one is not that wonderful, it is really unique. Martin knows a lot about many celestial bodies because he photographed them.

And of course he saw on them something that many people did not see. However, for this module he reported that he didn't really know what components it had, especially since the Russians didn't give much details about these components. However, he was very surprised by his discovery and began to learn more and more about Nauka. Martin told Bailey Universe that he didn't even intend to take the photo, a friend of his told him to do it in just 45 minutes. before, who is an expert in ISS photographers. 

In any case, Martin did not miss the opportunity and immediately went to take this photo which, as you can see, is an extraordinary one. 

Congratulations Martin for this extraordinary achievement! 

Image credit: Martin Lewis

Below you can see our interview on e-mail with one of the great space photographers in the UK:

1. When and where did you take the photo?

"From my back garden in St.Albans, UK on 21st July 2021."

2. What type of device did you use it for?
"222mm hand-guided Dobsonian telescope with an ASI174MM camera with an Astronomik 642nm filter"

3. What did you think or what made you take this photo?

"Alerted of the opportunity to take the photo just 45mins beforehand by my friend Szabi Nagy of www.spacestationguys.com who is an expert imager of the ISS and other spacecraft. We have collaborated before on other images such as the docking of Soyuz MS-13 with the ISS."

4. Did you take this photo intentionally or by mistake?

"See above answer to Q3."

5. When you noticed the object, did you first notice that it was Nauka or did you examine it longer?

"Imaged the ISS and when finished imaging the ISS I expected a 7minute wait before Nauka was to come along. Instead Nauka was only 2mins behind the ISS and was reaching maximum elevation already. I almost missed it but was able to get 19 good frames in my video which I combined to make one master image."

6. What was your reaction after you noticed that it really is Nauka?

"Very pleased with the level of detail picked up in my image."

7. How do you feel now, after seeing her?

"Delighted to capture such a nice object."

8. What did you like most about her or did you notice elements in addition to those already known?

"I knew nothing about Nauka before imaging it but have learnt a little since then."

9. A few words of yours for discovery:?

"It was great to have the opportunity to image such an amazing object. My previous experience of ISS imaging which you can see at https://skyinspector.co.uk/iss-and-spacecraft/ stood me in a good position to image Nauka but without the alert by ISS imaging expert Szabi Nagy, who also took a great image of Nauka, I would have totally missed it."

If you want to know more about Nauka, you can consult our article from 21.07.2021 here: https://bailey1.webnode.ro/l/nauka/ 

We wish success to Mr. Martin R. Lewis for as many discoveries and beautiful images as possible, as well as to his friend. 

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