Iuri Gagarin


Yuri Gagarin was born on March 9, 1934 in the Russian RSFS, USSR. Even though he was a normal man, he became one of the most famous Omani people at that time in all countries after his flight into space. Gagarin was the first man to ever fly in space and was the first to fly in Earth orbit. So he was the first man to see planet Earth from above. Then, after this flight, he became mediated in many countries and met with high-ranking officials. And to honor him, the USSR named the village where he was born in Klusino in Gagarin. Yuri Gagarin was the third child of the Gagrin family and the parents of Alexei Ivanovich Gagarin and Anna Timofeevna Gagarin. Like any child with big dreams, Gagarin had a big dream to become a pilot and he started to like the space and he really wanted to get there at some point. Yuri had no chance of getting there, from where he was, so he chose a job as an apprentice in metallurgy as a foundry. 

After his teacher understood that he was good and Yuri knew this, he was sent and later accepted to a technical high school somewhere near Saratov. However, Iuri was not passionate about this and did not want to become a craftsman, so he joined a club, at that time it was called "AeroClub". Here Yuri really found the thing he was endowed with - flight. He later started to do this more and more, he liked it, even if he didn't manage to fly a big plane at first, he started with the small ones. Iuri was convinced that he wanted to become a pilot, but he had to finish high school, so after finishing it he enrolled directly at the Pilot School (Aviation) in Orenburg in 1955. Besides the fact that he was beginning to satisfy his dream, he also began to satisfy his life after meeting Valentina Goreaciova, with whom he of course married in 1957. Also in that year he became a pilot of the MiG-15 aircraft. 

Many people began to notice Gagarin's talent, so after graduating, he was taken to Luostari Air Base in the Murmansk Region near Norway on the basis of his studies and his talent. Also in 1957, a wonderful year for him, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant of the Soviet Air Force. Then another wonderful year followed, in 1958 he received the rank of lieutenant major. and in 1960 he received the title of PCUS member. After receiving this title and after so many "miracles" he performed in the sky, he was selected from a group of 20 candidates for a Soviet space program. 

After a lot of training that consisted of physical endurance, and then in physical endurance, Gagarin and Gherman Titov were chosen for space flight. Gherman was chosen well, but for Gagrin it was a bit more complicated. He passed the tests that others did not pass, but failed one, then it was said that Titov failed as well. But they were chosen because they had good results in the other tests and of course, as the Russians said when they chose him: "he looks good in the press". 

After being elected, Yuri Gagarin boarded the Vostok 1 on April 12, 1961, took off and spent 1 hour and 48 minutes in space, becoming the first man to be in space and orbit Earth. After these flights he began to be awarded medals in many countries and met with many officers. Unfortunately, Iuri has never been able to fly a plane or a ship since he was only 34 years old, on March 27, 1968, at 10:31 in the morning. He crashed into the plane he was flying with Vladimir Sereghin. The plane crashed in Novoselovo, a village approx. 200 km. of Moscow. However, it is not clear what happened, because the Russians have not yet given details or other details, many breeders said that the date and time may not be correctly declared, but no one knows what happened. been there, especially since they fell on the open field. 

In any case, Yuri Gagarin remains forever in our history as the first man to see space and the Earth, the Earth's orbit and many other celestial objects.