en-James Webb Space Telescope

This image is from NASA and ESA and D.Golimowski (Johns Hopkins University)(public domain)
This image is from NASA and ESA and D.Golimowski (Johns Hopkins University)(public domain)

Breaking news! NASA will create a new telescope named: James Webb. He will be use for researchers and scientists to study Beta Pictoris. Who is Beta Pictoris? This is a system, the one that makes it very different is that it has a lot of cosmic dust in it. It is approx. 63 light years of us. Researchers and scientists have discovered small bodies and larger bodies in it, but also rocky or round objects. In the end, it was concluded that it is a kind of system like the Solar System. 

Researchers have started and discovered, according to researchers and scientists, planets (2). But they still say there could be more. This device created by NASA is infrared. 

Why? Because the fact that there is a lot of cosmic dust there, it shows you in the telescope, the colour red, a lot of red, and in the areas where it does not look are very small or small, so they will be able to study them and may discover new ones. the body of the beggar. The idea is that the two planets are more massive than Jupiter (the largest planet in our Solar System), so we should be afraid of this system. It was approx. and his age. It would be somewhere around 20 billion years old, while our Sun is somewhere close. 4.8 billion years. So it means that that system (Beta Pictoris) could be more beggars formed. 

Yes, beta Pictoris was also taken as a star, believing that objects revolve around that star. Through this system / study device of a space system there will be more. Researchers and scientists want to know how dust interacts with planets, how small it is, how much it is or how many planets are there, or what bodies you are begging for, or even if there is life and many others. beta Pictoris (star) also has a system of debris around it, dust or other small objects, it is not known if there are asteroids still in that ring of his, that ring formed around beta Pictoris (star) due to collisions or collisions between comets, asteroids or many other small begging objects. 

We hope that the researchers will find what they want there, it would be a big step towards humanity!