en-Jupiter and Saturn will be see on sky


Breaking news! Saturn and Jupiter will be seen in the open sky between August 1-2 (Saturn in opposition and August 19-20 (Jupiter in opposition). Do we know what the position is, but the opposition? The opposition is partly the best time of year to see a certain planet, just as it is now. 

How can you find out where I am? Simple, you have to look at your sky in the southeast early in the evening, the highest until midnight will be, and the lowest in the west, somewhere near the sunrise. You will be able to observe them if you see where Venus is, Venus will pass from east to west, at that time to the southeast you will see the planets Jupiter and Saturn, but only for a few minutes, then the Moon will rise in the sky, so gravitational. 

The first time, of course, you can see Saturn with its rings, and then you can observe Jupiter, approx. an hour after you saw Saturn, all at the same point. Then you will see that Jupiter goes after Saturn for 90 minutes, so at some point you will be able to see them in the sky next to each other. The two giants of the Solar System will be seen in the sky all August! 

Good luck you to see and all people as well! 

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