1. Large semi-axle 778.57 million km
  2. Distance to perihelion  740,52 million km 
  3. Distance to aphelion 816,62 million km
  4. Average orbit speed 13,07 km/s
  5. Average radius approx. 69.911 km
  6. Inclination of the equator in orbit 6,09° 
  7. Surface temperature 203 - 373 K
  8. Distance from Earth 629,000,000 km

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is also the largest. Due to the fact that it is so large, it can be easily seen from Earth. Jupiter is a kind of smaller star because it is made up of hydrogen (3/4) and helium (1/4). Jupiter is a giant planet with a rocky core. Even Jupiter's atmosphere is made up of hydrogen and helium. To give you an idea of ​​what Jupiter is like, it is 2.5 times more massive than all the planets in the Solar System. And the diameter of the red storm on Jupiter is larger than that of Earth. Jupiter has many clouds with a very deep depth of 50 km. Jupiter has other records, such as the magnetic field, being much larger than that of Earth, making Jupiter the 1st in the universe in the magnetic field. Jupiter makes a complete orbit around the Sun every 11, 86 years because it is farther from the Sun. 

Jupiter has 79 satellites, 4 of which were discovered by physicist Galileo Galilei. These satellites were then called the Galilean satellites. These are: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Calisto. Jupiter is also a good planet, which helps the Solar System. These satellites, according to NASA, have large insubstantial oceans, because they are far from the Sun, where water can be found, it is not known if it is drinkable, but large oceans can be found. 

Due to the fact that it has mass, volume, a bit magnetic and huge huge things, it also has an extremely high gravity. This gravity attracts a lot of comets, as well as asteroids, thus receiving major blows from them. But as it is more gaseous, it cannot be seen if it has holes in it. Besides Saturn and Jupiter it has rings. They are a little weaker, difficult to see, and can only be seen with special devices and not from Earth. It has three main columns of rings.