en- Meteor shower August 12-13


Breaking news! Next week will be meteor shower Peresid. According to the Earth's rotation, it is burning through the remains of a comet that broke to pieces somewhere on the night of August 12 to August 13, and those who will see it best will be those in the northern hemisphere. But we will all see them.The Royal Astronomical Society said that without clouds it could see somewhere at 50 per hour.

It will be a very rare light rain of meters, so prepare the phones for pictures! After all, who is this count? These Perseids are associated with comet 109 / P Swift-Tuttle. Hard to believe, but it passed the last hour near Earth in 1992, so it may be the last hour when it passes! Don't miss the moment! Meteors are coming with speed to Earth and it is not excluded that from a beautiful light rain it will turn into a catastrophe on Earth.

From all over the Earth you can see meteors, to see very well you have to stay in the cities, that is, not to fit in cities with light. Everyone could see the subways if they were light pollution. It would be very nice for all the lights on Earth to go out, at least for one night to finally see a beautiful meteor shower, without light pollution.

We wish success to the astronomers and everyone working on this mission, as well as to you for seeing these meteors.

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