Mission space Moon 1960-1961


The Soviet Union also made a flight near the Moon on April 15, 1960 with the space probe Luna E-3 No.1 and on April 16, 1960 with the space probe E-3 No.. Both missions were technically unsuccessful. The Americans followed with the Pioneer P-30 and Pioneer P-31, which were two space orbital probes launched on September 25, 1960 and December 15, 1960, respectively. In 1961 the Soviet Union and the Americans (NASA) stopped sending probes to the Moon after these failed missions and began building much stronger and much better probes. These expeditions I hope the Moon failed, but they brought a lot of information and a lot of data about what is outside the Earth's atmosphere. In this way, the researchers were convinced that they could send a man into space, but it was too early and after all these failed missions it was not a good and safe idea to send a man into space, so they waited.