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Credit video and photo: ESA/NASA/NRL/SoloHI/Phillip Hess
Credit video and photo: ESA/NASA/NRL/SoloHI/Phillip Hess
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News! The spacecraft belonging to NASA and ESA: Solar Orbiter, made the second flight past Venus and proved to be a resounding one, managed to observe the planet Venus and make a wonderful video, as you can see above. He made this video from 7,995 km away from Venus. The ship managed a performance! As you can see, the orbiter caught Venus from a little position that looks like a crescent. 

Also, as you may know, Orbiter is with BepiColombo somewhere between the Sun and Venus. Bepi is the Japanese ship from the Japanese space agency JAXA. Orbiter and Bepi also have with them on the orbits of the planets other probes or satellites of NASA, ESA or JAXA or other agencies, possibly. Orbiter has a mission from ESA and NASA to photograph the Sun's poles. For this, until 2022 he will take photos of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, possibly Earth, but we don't really ask that he could. From 2022 to 2030 it will make flights to Venus, but will use the gravitational force of Venus, possibly mercury for six inclines so that its camera that is mounted on it, can observe the poles of the Sun and take pictures, maybe even make a video. Bepi has missions close to Mercury to reach Mercury. 

"Ideally, we would have been able to resolve some features on the nightside of the planet, but there was just too much signal from the dayside. Only a sliver of the dayside appears in the images, but it reflects enough sunlight to cause the bright crescent and the diffracted rays that seem to come from the surface. ". said Phillip Hess, an astrophysicist at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. . 

We wish success to NASA, ESA, JAXA and sonedlor as well as to those working on these missions to provide spectacular images and videos. And we hope to have more such missions. 

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