en-NASA has announced that it wants to colonize Mars by 2050


Breaking news! NASA wants to colonize Mars by 2050, hard to believe. NASA has announced that it has some devices at work that could make you live on Mars for a whole year. ICON has announced that NASA will create a habitat for a 3D printer, hard to believe again at NASA's Johnson Space Center, and this will begin in 2030-2040 to take part in missions that have long been on Mars: Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog (CHAPEA). 

NASA has named the habitat Mars Dune Alpha Habitat, so if you are an astronaut or at least want to be or are in the making you can go to opt for the 4 options on the 3D habitat on Mars. But only Wannabe astronauts can be received. Of course, if you sign up, not only do you want to live in that habitat and NASA will do research on your comportment there, but also the fact that you are paid for something like that with large sums. NASA has not yet announced a price, but has announced that the first mission to the habitat of Mars will be in the fall of 2022 and that registration is open. 

All of these missions will be controlled by NASA and NASA researchers who will discover how an organism behaves on Mars. NASA said that even if you want to live in an artificial habitat on Mars, you will help the next space missions on Mars. If the breeders can see what is happening to you, then you will help a lot in the missions that will take place in the future. In a NASA press release that all the news took over, he says that the perfect astronaut for such missions is: he must have a master's degree in engineering, mathematics, biology, physics or computer science or have a minimum experience of a thousand hours piloting an aircraft. The ideal candidate is 30 to 55 years old, lives in the United States and is healthy, does not smoke and knows English. That's what autoevolution.com reports about what NASA said. 

In any case, you must really have a good experience in the field and know what you are doing and have never deleted it. However, Elon Musk came and said that Mars could be colonized by 2025, hard to believe, very hard, but he may be right. It is not known what SpaceX is still planning for space flights to Mars. 

We wish success to both NASA and SpaceX and we hope that the oil will go well, if you are ready, take it to NASA! 

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