en-NASA has discovered new creatures

Credit: Summit Post
Credit: Summit Post

Breaking news! NASA is currently examining some small black worms in a piece of ice. Recently it has been said that there are thousands of those worms and that they are found in the northwest Pacific. Due to climate change, these little worms come out of the ice that kept them frozen. It is said that they were first discovered in 1887 on a glacier called Muir in Alaska but there were only a few. Now, lately, as the ice caps warm up, small creatures that have been frozen there for hundreds of years are starting to emerge. Researchers have said that frozen creatures in glaciers in the northwest Pacific do not have life, but these worms have, why? nobody knows.

One of the researchers, Scott Hotaling of Washington State University, said: "I think they are like the mascot of the western glaciers of the West."

Worms information:

- The scientific name of the worms is Mesenchytraeus solifugus.

- They are between 2-3 centimeters.

- They feed on bacteria, algae and other creatures that end up in the frozen snow.

- They rarely come to the surface, they usually stay in the ice, they get used to it, and when they do, they come to receive thermal energy from the Sun.

Of course, NASA also offered a grand prize to the researcher who studied and began to discover worms, practically Dr. Dan Shain, an evolutionary biologist at Rutgers University, received $ 200,000. Why does NASA raise money for such a thing and why are these worms studying? Simple answer from NASA: because it could provide information about life on other planets.

We wish success to NASA and the award-winning researcher and to everyone working on this mission to find out as much as possible about these worms.

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