en-NASA named an installation after a great astronaut

Credit: Bridget Caswell, NASA Glenn Research Center
Credit: Bridget Caswell, NASA Glenn Research Center

Breaking news! NASA has named one of the largest space simulation cameras after one of the most appreciated and famous people in the world and the first man to step on the moon! This is Neil Armstrong. In honor of one of the most famous astronauts of all time. NASA's Glenn Research Center held a dedication ceremony yesterday for its Neil A. Armstrong test facility. The news was announced this morning along with the image showing NASA Senator Bill Nelson and other NASA officials. As NASA announced, it is about the installation that was once called: Plum Brook Station. This is a 6,400-acre facility in Sandusky, Ohio. 

This installation has a camera that is one of the largest and most powerful space simulation cameras, if not the largest. For the most part, the facility handles commercial missions and NASA's Artemis program. NASA announced on its website that they were at that event as well: "NASA administrator, Senator Bill Nelson, NASA director Glenn, Marla Pérez-Davis, Mark Armstrong (son of Neil Armstrong), NASA deputy administrator Pam Melroy, NASA Associate Administrator Bob Cabana, Armstrong Test Facility Director David Stringer and members of the Ohio Congressional delegation. " 

This is a gesture of honor from NASA for one of the greatest and most famous astronauts ever! It is a very big and beautiful event! Congratulations to all! 

We wish success to NASA and all those who participated in this event with the following missions or events. 

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