As you can see a nebula is very colorful. Many confuse the nebula with the northern lights, but it's not the same! The nebula can form the birth of a star, but this happens when the nebula is large, dense and can form several at once. But there are also nebulae that cannot form stars because they are not so strong. But we must know that nebulae are the only source from which the stars come. So all the stars, even and the Sun were made of nebulae. A nebula is basically a huge cloud of gas that is interstellar and cosmic dust. It consists of 98% hydrogen, and in addition the remaining 2% are other materials, but they are also in a gaseous state. There is also a nebula in the constellation Orion. It's called the Orion Nebula and can be seen with the naked eye in the sky, but very faint, it's usually a simple spot, but it's so big and strong far away, so that it still forms stars. If they are very dense, nebulae can also become molecular clouds. 

Of course, there are several types of nebulae: 

- Diffuse nebulae which are those nasal nebulae from which stars are born and are made up of cosmic gases and dust. In these nebulae, emission nebulae can also form, here a harder thing appears, that if the stars are massive, they can exert the gas of the nebula, which becomes visible radiation. Basically, then it opens a radiation called: UV which is made up of the atoms of the nebula matter. 

- Reflection nebulae, in short, these nebulae reflect sunlight, they are blue in color. Maybe some of you knew, that's why the sky is blue. In such a nebula there are the colors red and blue, and blue is the most pronounced. These nebulae can also come from diffuse nebulae. 

- Dark nebulae in short, do not contain stars. But how can they still be seen? They can be seen through radio waves sent by its hydrogen atoms. You can see them where there are no stars in the sky, because they cover the stars behind it, but you can't see them without good binoculars. The Horsehead is such a nebula, it is in the constellation Orion. 

- The planetary nebula is a nebula made up of a star that begins to end its life and removes it from the mass forming a nebula in the form of a gas ring. These nebulae form in hundreds of thousands of years and are shaped like planets. 

- The remnants of a supernova are formed from supernovae, ie massive stars that explode and begin to heat the interstellar space. Example of the supernival nebula: the Crab nebula in the constellation Taurus.