en-New colaboration NASA and SpaceX


Last minute collaboration! NASA recently announced that it will collaborate with SpaceX, the company of billionaire Elon Musk. SpaceX will be the recipient of the contract for Europa Clipper Mission. This mission will aim at observing Jupiter's Europa Moon. Thus SpaceX will send the Europa Clipper ship to this Moon.

NASA and SpaceX want to study Europe because it has a huge internal ocean that would reach everyone on Earth for many years. They want to know if there are ice shapes. If there are such forms of life, because there is water and where there is water, there is also life (theoretically), they could most likely be frozen. The spacecraft instead goes there to send data about the Moon of Europe through some flybys. To launch this rocket, it deals as you have seen above: SpaceX, which will use the Falcon Heavy rocket.

But these things will happen only in October 2024, when the mission is scheduled. Of course, most of these missions, the spacecraft will be launched from Florida, more precisely: from the Kennedy Space Center 39A Launch Complex (Florida). This mission aims to discover new data, spectacular images from there, as well as to help researchers and scientists see what the ocean in Europe contains, whether it is salty or sweet and how much, most likely salty and how the bark is thick. And geologists would also like to know the current or past geological activity of the Moon Europe. Of course, the ship will also be equipped with such a research system.

We wish success to all researchers and scientists and geologists, as well as to NASA and SpaceX.

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