en-New information from Boeing and NASA after yesterday's teleconference

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! Yesterday NASA and Boeing organized a teleconference, it was live on youtube. Some of our Bailey Universe members attended the conference and we have the following information to tell you. First of all, we start with the fact that Boeing analyzed the situation and declared yesterday that the Starliner will not go into space in the next few days. 

The ship was taken back to the garage and its systems and components will be tested. Boeing told NASA about bringing the ship back to the garage. Unfortunately, it was also announced that August may not be a good month to launch and Starliner may take off after August. Starliner was also disconnected from Atlas V. In addition, Boeing's Vice President of Commercial Crew Program, John Vallmer, announced the following: "Mission success is human spaceflight depends on thousands of factors coming together at the right time." 

Those in the teleconference also announced that it is possible that the ship will take off somewhere after October, but they are doing their best to launch the ship by the end of the year. It is possible that the spacecraft will be launched, right after Lucy, a NASA spacecraft that will go to the Trojan asteroids, but we can't say exactly. "Starliner will take off when they are ready!" - Kathryn Lueders, NASA Associate Administrator for Exploration and Human Operations According to NASA and Boeing, they said it was better for the ship to remain on the ground without endangering anyone. "Our engineers work long hours to determine the causes and other system problems," Boeing said. 

Boeing and NASA also thank the all teams for what they do and for the engineers working as Boeing reports: "around the clock." Everyone is disappointed with the esc, but we hope they find a window or a moment when they are ready to launch the ship.

Through twitter NASA Watch stated the following: "Most probable cause - NTO oxidizer permeation through seals in the valve. When there is interaction with water, Nitric acid was created and resulted in corrosion that resulted in fixing of the valves. That is our leading candidate . "

A clear reason is not known, but some of the components of the ship may change as well, thus offering a slightly different design where they are, but about the same as you see in the image above. But it is not yet known if some components will change.

We wish success to NASA, Boeing, the teams, the engineers and Starliner, and of course to Lucy for everything to go as planned and we wish them much success in the future! 

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