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Credit: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech
Credit: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech

Breaking news! Solar Orbiter from NASA, together with ESA (European Space Agency) will arrive on the Venus Plains tomorrow! The ship is only for the purpose of researching the planet Venus and will not land on Venus. The NASA and ESA spacecraft will approach at approx. 7,995 - 8000 km maximum. And, of course, if Americans and Europeans do this mission, so must Asians. Yes, the Japanese will also launch a ship that will study even more Venus, approaching 550-560 km. maximum of the planet. The Japanese mission is coming from their space agency, JAXA. 

The missions will meet, but the one from the Americans and the Europeans will start on August 9, while the one from the Japanese, on August 10. And their ship is called BepiColombo. In any case, the ships were not scheduled to go to Venus, they have other missions to accomplish, but Venus is on its way, so a short stop for possible discoveries doesn't hurt, does it? Solar Orbiter is heading a little towards the Sun, we hope it will resist, while BepiColombo is heading towards Mercury, we hope it will withstand the heat. Orbiter will make a premiere, its mission is to show the poles of the Sun, being a premiere between spaceships and to get as close as possible and needs the gravitational force of Venus. While Bepi is more pretentious and wants more. 

He makes no premiere, he just tries to reach Mercury and for that he needs the gravitational force of the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth to reach his destination. Orbiter will study a little unseen areas of Venus, he may discover something, but the main room will be towards the Sun. While Bepi will have to be "protected" by Orbiter. Orbiter will stand in front of Sun, being strong, until Bepi reaches Mercury. After that, both will see their missions, without collaborating, only if necessary. Three of Bepi's cameras and others from Orbiter want photos of Venus, Orbiter may take pictures of a phenomenon hard to see on Venus at night. And Bepi will take good photos, and space companies expect to receive the first images between August 10-11. And if you want to know, in the orbit of Venus, there is the Japanese spacecraft, Akatsuki. 

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