en-New record for Ingenuity helicopter - NASA

The first flight of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Credit: NASA
The first flight of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Credit: NASA

New record for Ingenuity Mars helicopter! NASA recently announced that the Ingenuity robot has made the largest and most complex flight to date. Ingenuity thus reached a round number of flights, a total of 10. The most impressive thing about this long flight is that it first passed over the Raised Ridges area on Mars. 

The helicopter reached a maximum height of 12 meters and traveled almost 235 meters horizontally. Besides going through so much and passing over a unique area so far, which NASA researchers and scientists have surely begun to study better and see everything possible about it, Ingenuity has passed in this way and over 10 unique and distinct points, which again sets a record. In addition to flying a little higher and setting more records, NASA's helicopter began to perform some maneuvers alone during the flight, which also surprised NASA. 

He started to give him some commands and to "check", not very much, just a few minutes and he checked himself based on the codes entered in him. It was expected in the end that he would be able to control himself, but not really fast. This whole adventure happened on July 24, 2021, but NASA waited until the news. Ingenuity has done in total since it is on Mars approx. 1.61 km. It's not much for a man, but for a helicopter like this on an alien planet it's a lot. 

We wish success to the robot, to the researchers, to NASA and to all those who work for this robot. 

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