en-Perseid shower 11-12 august

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

How to see the Perseid?

Here is the official site to see the Perseid sower: https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/meteor-shower/perseid.html 

Click on link above, set you location and see the Perseid sower.

Learn more about Perseids: https://bailey1.webnode.ro/l/meteor-shower-august-12-13/

Perseids are meteors that are actually pieces of other comets that have disintegrated, some when they approached the Sun, and others because of other space phenomena. According to NASA: If you are in the northern hemisphere, outside the polluting cities, you will be able to see approx. 40 perseids per hour, so somewhere at 3 meteors every 2 minutes. If you are in the southern hemisphere you can see a few every hour, and if you are below 30 degrees latitude, you can hardly see a few in the sky, almost anywhere. But make sure you are away from the polluting light (artificial light in cities and see the perseids with your own eyes). Success! NASA will broadcast everything live with the Perseids, later we will let you know! Good luck seeing them and NASA's success in broadcasting everything live. If there is more news, as well as to be announced when the Perseids come to the sky and other news from space, subscribe here:


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