en-Perseverance's first scientific mission failed


Breaking news! NASA's Perseverance Rover has failed in its mission. It failed to collect the first rocks from Mars that would later come to Earth. It is the first mission of its kind and the first failure. He is now at the foot of a huge mountain on Mars and at the foot of the mountain is a crater called Jezero, where he began to drill, without success.

So the drill through which he drilled went according to plan, and the researchers and NASA were delighted that the rover is doing its first successful scientific mission, then some researchers came and after several analyzes, it turned out that the rover did not take any the rock from that crater and all happiness is gone.

One researcher said, "The initial thought is that the hollow tube is more likely a result of the rock target not reacting as we expected during coring and less likely a hardware problem with the sampling and caching system." This was stated recently by Jennifer Trosper, Project Manager for Perseverance, JPL.

But in the end, how can these rocks be brought to Earth?

So, very easily, the rover will not bring them to Earth. NASA has announced that it is working with ESA (European Space Agency) on a project and future missions to Mars. These future missions will bring the rocks to Earth. Thus, researchers will be able to analyze samples and will probably be able to make new discoveries about Mars or study the planet or many other things in more detail in the future. NASA intends to bring at least 31 samples in the future, mainly rocks.

We wish success to NASA and ESA and human scientists and to all those who work on this mission to discover as much as possible, and everything to go well, including Perseverance to make new discoveries and everything to go well.

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