en-Reprogramming the NASA mission with Boeing

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

NASA official update! The OFT-2 mission, which is being coordinated by NASA and Boeing, will not take off this Friday. NASA has announced that a favorable date will be August 3, Tuesday at 1:20 p.m. EDT from the same place as scheduled. In this program, Starliner must complete the OFT-2 mission and reach the International Space Station. So the people on the international space station still have time to prepare for everything to go well, especially after the arrival of Nauka on the international space station about now. one day. 

NASA announced that "a final decision will be made by the International Space Station and the Commercial Equipment Program." At this point, NASA also announced that the United Launch Alliance Atlas V, where Starliner was inside, had been moved from the take-off platform somewhere to another training platform. NASA has also announced that the ship does not need "special care" or other repairs in the short term. And when the flight is announced, it will be moved again, before approx. a day on the launch pad. 

So we wish continued success to NASA and Boeing to be able to successfully launch this mission, no matter how late. 

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