en- Researchers have created an invention that harnesses solar energy


Breaking news! For the first time, a team of researchers from Michigan State University discovered something fascinating for the first time! It is a completely transparent solar panel. Nothing so far could be so transparent, they all had little color, it is 100% transparent. It looks perfect or even better with glass that is placed on windows, windows, doors, etc. And as they said, if we replaced the windows or other objects that contain a lot of glass, we could produce from them solar energy, free, without pollution, which would support our house. Until now, it was not believed that there could be something so transparent. Today's solar panels produce energy by changing the absorbed photons into electrons.

Photons must pass through the glass, if it is transparent and thus do not produce solar energy, ie do not leave it in those panels, if something transparent is applied, but the research team has proven that solar energy can be produced through transparent glass, that's why they made a new invention: transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC). Sounds a little weird, but it's very practical.

What is he doing?

It has organic substances in it, basically those organic substances are in the glass, but they are transparent, so the light waves reach those organic substances, so solar cells are produced in the glass, which then make solar energy, so everything is fine, so a photovoltaic cell is formed. But, through this discovery, much more can be done than a simple solar energy, through these transparent cells that form, you can increase the power of light (capitalize, more scientifically) infrared and ultraviolet.

So from now on, the heating and energy coming from the Sun will be able to be used very well, the infrared will be much more efficient and the ultraviolet. If we no longer want pollution, then we could use the Sun and through it we could make a decrease in pollution, especially energy. Researchers said that this could also be used on devices, even phones, factories and more!

We wish success to the researchers who discovered this, as well as those who worked on this discovery and we thank them for coming up with such a beautiful idea, to stop some of the pollution, especially energy, we hope to do more in future such quality and useful inventions.

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