en- Researchers have discovered why there is oxygen on Earth


Breaking news! It seems that researchers in Michigan do not stop researching, congratulations, they have discovered something else! The earth has begun to slow its rotation and this has been happening for more than 2.4 billion years. Thus bacteria produce more oxygen. They discovered some microbial communities more than 80 meters below the surface of the water, meaning it was oxygen there, quite strange. It's really small, but it's strong enough sulfur.

University researchers agreed to give interviews and sent the following: "A constant question in the world of science is how the Earth's atmosphere got the amount of oxygen needed to sustain life and what factors controlled this evolution. . Our research suggests the speed of the Earth's rotation - in other words, the length of the day on Earth - could have an important effect on the Earth's oxygenation pattern. " As they suggested, the Earth rotated in 6 hours, not 24 hours. But gradually, he began to make this long rotation. That helped us live, the marrow of his wheel. Basically, before there was so little oxygen that a human could not have resisted for more than a few seconds, not even plants or animals, but there were microbes that fed on carbon dioxide.

They later produced oxygen as the Earth began to slow down. But not much is good, it must remain so, said several researchers and scientists, if this time of day continues to decline, we could get where we left off, not have oxygen again or at least, be very little on Earth. That would lead to the loss of life again, so it's good where we are now. This is important research that could be developed in other researchers about the rotation of the Earth and life on Earth.

We wish success to the researchers at the University and to all those who worked on this study and we hope to make other great discoveries.

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