en-SpaceX will launch Starship

Elon Musk say on twitter that "All 6 engines mounted to first orbital Starship"
Elon Musk say on twitter that "All 6 engines mounted to first orbital Starship"

Super news! SpaceX said it would like to launch the first Starship spacecraft in the coming months. SpaceX said in a statement that it will be launched from South Texas, near the village of Boca Chica on the Gulf Coast.

Elon Musk also posted an image on twitter with the images of the new model that is being worked on intensively these days. Next to that image, Musk put the excerpt "Installing Starship booster engines for the first orbital flight." Starship also called Super Heavy will have the most raptor engines so far, 29!

And it doesn't stop there, SpaceX said it will want to reach 32 raptor engines. As seen in the post and as stated by SpaceX, the ship will have 50 meters in height. A prototype of this SN15 spacecraft managed a very beautiful flight at 10.2 km altitude and did not suffer anything on impact, SpaceX reported.

Elon Musk and the SpaceX team would like to launch the flight by the end of the year, it is not known if this is possible, because the US Federal Aviation Administration is still checking. Nobody knows when they will end, but we hope that by the end of the year it will end. At first, of course, the ship will not have passengers, but if it succeeds in flying, it may have passengers on board in the future.

We wish success to Elon Musk and SpaceX, as well as to those who participate in the mission.

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