en-Star formation will be probably discovered


Breaking news! Researchers and scientists have begun to study how stars are created! Until now they used the largest telescopes in the world to observe the stars, now they want to see what makes them form. According to the data so far, they want to see the parts where stars form in the Universe, the parts where the formation of the star is expected to form and the parts where stars do not form, to see what part of the Universe makes stars possible. form. 

Researcher's statement: "This will give us a chance to better understand what triggers, stimulates or prevents the birth of new stars," - Rebecca McElroy of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy. Until we knew that stars are formed from nebulae or large clouds of gas. Researchers and scientists now want to know how important stars are in our galaxy, as well as how they develop or what makes them form only in certain places.

They also use the famous MUSE device, which begins to "scan" the stars and so researchers can find out the composition of the stars, how they formed. MUSE obtains this information from 66 plate antennas. But the ALMA section is also helpful, because it has so far studied exactly what researchers and scientists need: over 100,000 regions in approx. 90 galaxies! MUSE is studying more gas clouds, which of course help calculate the calculations of researchers and scientists, he discovered (MUSE) over 30,000 gas regions so far. 

We wish success to researchers and scientists to discover another secret of the Universe!

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