en-Star in the shape of a tear!

Credit: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick
Credit: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick

A huge teardrop-shaped star has been discovered! It was discovered 1500 light years from the Sun. This star is teardrop-shaped because it has another star in the back that feeds on its matter, partially absorbing it. Astronomers have warned that both stars will turn into a supernova that will explode and be seen throughout the galaxy, even on Earth.

It is located in the binary system HD265435, which is closest to Earth.

According to the study, the star system may also explode, creating a huge explosion seen everywhere in the galaxy.

All the nuclear power of the stars that will explode is produced inside them, that is, fixed in the nucleus.

There have not been many such phenomena, but surely this will be one of the few large cosmic phenomena in which an entire system can explode, as well as the two stars for the first time.

NASA researchers have discovered another unusual thing, that the two most stars in that system orbit each other every 90 minutes!

That is, they are extremely close, so the supernova can occur quickly!

Most of the upheavals of this phenomenon are when a white dwarf star shares its orbit with another young and massive star, the white dwarf begins to absorb matter, until it grows and both explode after a few nuclear reactions!

Rest assured, this explosion will occur over 70 million years, so don't be scared!