en-Starliner will take off on August 3, 2021, the NASA director gave information


Breaking news! A few hours ago, the director of NASA came out to give statements about the Starliner flight. which will take place tomorrow, August 3. He said, "The only thing I'm really concerned about is the weather," said Bill Nelson. As announced by NASA, Starliner will be in space approx. a week. It will be released on August 3 at 1:20 p.m. EDT. After spending a week in space, Starliner will land with several parachutes safely on Earth, exactly in New Mexico.

NASA has announced that if all goes well, Boeing will be free to take astronauts into space this year! But everything should be fine, especially after Nelson said, "Last week's flight readiness analysis was as smooth as glass." Everything had to happen on July 30, 2021, why didn't it happen? Because Nauka - the Russian module stuck to the international space station and started its engines suddenly, you can see why and what happened here on our old article: https://bailey1.webnode.ro/l/the-international-space-station-has-been-out-of-control/ 

Then the Russians said it was some kind of software error so the Starliner flight was rescheduled. Fortunately, Starliner made another space launch in 2019, but it got stuck and went into the wrong orbit and returned to Earth. But now, NASA and Boeing have said they want everything to go well so they can take the spacecraft into space. Finally, Nelson said: "Terrestrially, we have enormous tensions with Russia. In space, we have cooperation." 

So after the international space station is fine and the Starliner is already on the take-off platform, success was followed by those from NASA and Boeing, as well as everyone working on this project and those from the international space station. 

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