en- Thailand sets up space policy!


Breaking news! SEOUL, South Korea - Thailand has adopted the law on space activities for the first time. It is the first country to implement a committee that will have to deal with the country's space missions. "The law would benefit the country in a wide range, both economically and socially, as a foundation for the country's 'New Space Economy,'" said Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Anek Laothamatas. Thanilanda will thus become a country that has a committee that deals with space missions. He also said: "It will help Thailand catch up with fast-growing space technology and provide an opportunity for global space institutes to transfer their knowledge and experience to Thai staff at professional, university and school levels." 

This will allow children to learn more about space in Thailand. And super, right? It would be very nice to do this in any school. The committee will be called: the National Space Policy Committee. Thailand has over 35,000 space and related industries, so it needs a lot of this committee. 

Of all this, she gets over $ 1.67 billion. It is very nice of Thailand to become the first country of its kind with a space policy and to teach children in schools about space. 

We wish success to all those who initiated the law and to Thailand, it is certainly a reason for other countries to do the same.

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