en-The Curiosity rover on Mars has made a spectacular scientific discovery

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/LANL)
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/LANL)

Breaking news! The Curiosity rover found a lizard-shaped piece of rock on Mars. He found it at the base of Mount Sharp at the base of Gale Crater, a place on Mars where the rover has been sitting since 2012. It is a unique and extraordinary discovery so far. This lizard-shaped stone is only 16.5 cm.

So far, a planetary gelologist named Abigail Fraeman has said, "I'm still amazed at the textures we see, especially the prevalence of centimeter-sized swellings and lumps coming out of the bedrock." Even if this small stone is almost carved, it has not been proven that if someone carved it, it is still not excluded. Researchers and scientists (most) have argued that it may simply come from nature. It is not yet known what this stone is made of.

But there is a hypothesis that it is a sulfur mineral, unlikely, but not excluded, because sulfur minerals can be left behind by the flow of water, which can shape them. If so, it means that scientists and researchers could see the past of Mars, the one where water was on Mars.

It should also be remembered that Curiosity also discovered that clays are much less stable, thus leading to the fact that traces of life that may exist on Mars may have already disappeared, but of course this was only discovered in that crater, this it means that in other places on Mars it might be different.

Why did he find this rock now? Simple, because it's heading right now to that mountain mentioned above. And the photos are taken with the ChemCam device, a high-performance camera.

So we wish success to the rover and to NASA, scientists and breeders and all those who work on these missions to discover as much as possible.

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