en- The International Space Station has been out of control

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Breaking news! NASA recently announced recently that the International Space Station has spiraled out of control. On Thursday, when the Russian Nauka module arrived on the international space station, some engines started by mistake, according to the BBC. At that time there were 7 astronauts there, no one was injured. 

But they panicked and started the engines of another probe that was already incorporated on the International Space Station to restore the station. The first time those on board did not feel anything, it occurred at 12:45 pm Earth time. So by the time they felt anything, the station was already tilted 45 degrees from position, NASA said. 

Everything is fine now. The accident occurred just a few hours after the Russian Nauka module anchored after more than 8 days of flight. We hope that such accidents do not happen again. In any case, another piece of news today comes with the fact that the Russians would like to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS), due to political reasons with the USA. 

In the meantime, ties with NASA have now resumed and the 7 astronauts can now talk to NASA. 

We wish success to the 7 astronauts, as well as those who work on the missions that take place on the International Space Station, on Earth and space and we hope that such incidents do not happen again. 

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