en-The NASA (Cygnus cargo) mission was successful! Official announcement!


Breaking news! Cygnus has been successfully launched! NASA official announcement! Cygnus is a commercial spacecraft that NASA launched into space today, of course for commercial purposes. He has a lot of things on board, which he will have to transport to the International Space Station (ISS). Besides these, Cygnus has on board something that NASA calls "special", it is really special. Cygnus also has on board the molecule and biological organisms and mould, as well as other living planets.

NASA said the spacecraft will attach to one of the space station's arms and remain there for 3 months. Then he will return to Earth. The ship aims for many things, as well as explorations, but NASA wants with those elements "surprise" to see if they can withstand space, as well as if they can feed or move without having a brain, of course NASA has done more breeders and modified them a little genetically, so that those biological things are different.

We hope that Cygnus will return to Earth well after 3 months, we wish success to NASA and ESA and all those who participate in this mission to do well and we hope to do new space missions.

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