en- Total failure for the Indian space company


News! Total failure for the Indian space company. Their spaceship that was about to take off took off, but then began to come back until it crashed. It didn't even reach orbit! The Indiana company has long delayed missions due to the pandemic. And now that their first ship has taken off this year, it has failed. In that ship there is a very expensive and good satellite, it was dusted with the ship. The spacecraft was launched from Satish Dhawan Space in southern India. and it was called EOS-03. It was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). They also announced that there could have been a software failure, but it is not yet known exactly.

As announced, the spacecraft with the satellite on board crashed on Thursday after launch. Some time ago: "The performance of the first and second stage was normal. However, the cryogenic ignition in the upper stage did not occur due to technical anomalies. The mission could not be carried out as intended," ISRO said in a statement. a statement. "Since the third stage did not ignite, it did not reach the speed that would keep it in orbit. It will fall back to Earth soon. The pursuit will say that later," according to scientific journalist Pallava Bagla.  The Indian space company said the failure rate in launching slae missions is only 5%, and overall is 10%.

And new statements according to Indian press: American astronomer Jonathan McDowell said that the satellite and the rocket probably fell in the Andaman Sea, west of Thailand. There is nothing official so far, nothing has been declared as fallen, although it probably collapsed, new data from a few minutes ago show that they are not yet known to be victims. But, if the satellite fell forcibly into a sea, it is not excluded that a tsunami would come to the nearest country.  They recently announced that they might try again in 2022. 

The satellite was to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers from the equator, and it had to watch out for cyclones or other phenomena that could destroy a country or cause huge agricultural damage. This is the fourth failure according to the Indian press of the GSLV missile, which had 14 missions, 4 of which failed. No casualties have been reported yet, but the fact that it is not official where the rockets or the satellite fell, anything can happen at any time. 

We wish success to the Indian company to do other missions, but with checks before and to be successful! 

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