What does it contain and how big is the universe?


It is not known how much it weighs or how big the Universe is, there are data that only through a miracle or a genius we could find out. The universe contains atoms, the whole universe is an atom, there are so many atoms, inact there is no number. for them. It contains stellar and space dust, nebulae, stars, 8 planets (so far), it is not known if other planets would exist, however some theories show that they exist, however we know for sure that in our Solar System there are 8 planets. It contains a lot of hydrogen and helium, important substances. It contains galaxies, all the time we live, it is called the Milky Way, and the closest galaxy to us is Andromeda, which according to sources is close to us ... The universe contains black and white holes, which were dealt with by the famous physicist "Stephen Hawking". To give you an idea The universe contains: 74% dark energy (black). 22% dark matter (black). 3.6% intergalactic gas. 0.4% stars, planets and other smaller things.