White holes


Now we move on to something more difficult, where you need to have the physical knowledge to understand. By now, you may have known that there are only black holes. Not so, there are white holes, which are more complicated ... . White holes are made up of theoretical objects from black holes. As you know, black holes attract matter into them. white holes cannot be said to exist, but if they exist as some scientists and researchers say, they are the shape of the inverted black hole, which connects its thin end to the thin end of the black hole, both in the shape of funnel. Through the white hole, it is different from the black hole, no matter what matter is attracted, but they are rejected, theoretically, the black hole attracts objects, enters the white hole and the white hole expels them into another space through its end side. It is not known how the bodies end up and how they end up in another space. Theoretically, black holes were the first in the universe, but they practically collapsed a long time ago. If we were to follow the theories of Stephen Hawking and these physicists, we could prove that the Big Bang was made of a white hole, meaning that everything was brought in from other parts very quickly, which only through this phenomenon could be logical. But for the most part, there is no evidence of white holes, so maybe it's just in our minds, but maybe someone will prove something.