ESA conducts an online course to teach teachers and educators about space

Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA

News! ESA opens a new window for parents, educators, teachers and others for their training in the field of space. ESA said it would try to familiarize you with many things and expressions and more. For example, ESA has said it will do exercises with you on the ISS with the Astro Pi. It will teach you about the Earth and the climate, as well as the importance of protecting the Earth. In addition, it will familiarize you with the preparation to become an astronaut for Mission X, all will be in interactive form and will not guarantee that you can become an astronaut, but will give you a picture of what astronaut means, as well as fascinating interactive explanations. . 

It will teach you how to build a monthly base with Moon Camp or launch a mini satellite with CanSat. All this will take place online. As ESA said, if you want the above, then ESA Teach with Space 2021-2022 is for you. ESA conducts such school lessons annually. And this is probably a very beautiful one and one of the best possible. ESA will teach you many things to know about space and more, in a way that everyone can understand. This program is mostly aimed at teachers or parents who have children in primary or secondary education, but everyone can participate.

ESA has announced that registrations can be made between September 22, 2021, 17: 00-18: 30 CEST. But as you can see they are already open here:

ESA said that after you register you will also receive a confirmation email with an invitation that will show you what to do and give you another registration form, and everything will be in English, hosted by Webex Events.

CAREFUL! The program is intended only for ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Malta.

We wish ESA success in creating one of the best courses and good luck to you if you want to participate! 

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