ESA has announced a winner

Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA

News! The winner of the contest organized by ESA for various mobile applications to help the Earth and beyond has been announced. There were 17 application developers from 17 different countries. They had to develop an application for one of the areas: artificial intelligence, machine learning, Earth observation for smart cities, marine litter and coastal zone management, fire detection, the transport sector and natural resource management.

And of course, the winner is a developer who created the Wildfire Map application which is an application that shows fires on the Earth map, recent, in a timely manner, show approx. most fires warn you. An application that resembles the Copernicus program and an excellent idea!

All this competition took place in an 8-week camp in which, as announced by ESA, the guests were from: Ф-ESA laboratory, ESA Incubation Centers, ESA InCubed Program and Copernicus Masters Competition, as well as Thomas Reiter - the acclaimed ESA astronaut and former director of ESA for spaceflight and human operations.

Their involvement was very nice! And the development of the application was extraordinary. An application for future might. Fires around the world are starting to get even more dangerous, they are spreading, there are many. This application will probably be very good for everyone, and ESA even said that it can improve the Copernicus program through this application. We hope so!

ESA announced that the winner of the competition, accepted:

- EUR 2500

- a trip to Germany ESA Living Planet Symposium next year

- a single Earth observation assistance package (approx. EUR 3500)

ESA announced in a post. ESA also presented the other beautiful ideas from the contest:

- Float, is an application that provides information about waste and its timely collection.

- FORTISKY, connects with satellites, so that different customers can receive data at hand for a certain area of ​​interest.

- PARA, mainly detects the quality of the road.

- Pace Vector, mainly estimates the speed of different vehicles or objects in motion (eg: trains, cars, trucks, etc.).

- MyField is an application that presents the weather to different farmers and warns them when the rainfall changes, the information they take from Copernicus Sentinel-3.

All the ideas were extraordinary and we all hope to go further and develop.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

We wish success to everyone and to the winner of ESA for the contest and we hope that there will be more such contests in the future!

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