ESA has sent the latest module for the Orion rocket

Credit: ESA–A. Conigli
Credit: ESA–A. Conigli

Breaking news! "The second European Service Module for NASA's Orion spacecraft". submitted to ESA a short time ago. Indeed, one of the components of NASA's Orion spacecraft module will arrive in the USA. For more safety, for the size of the component, as well as due to other factors, this component was taken to the USA by an Antonov aircraft, which left this morning (German time zone) from Bremen, Germany. It will have to reach the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where it is also the second European service module (ESM-2).

Thus, the two with other small components will form NASA's Orion spacecraft. ESA and NASA have been working on this ship for some time and it is announced to be a great mission. Until then, we still have to wait. The spacecraft components are made in 10 European countries and finally tested in Germany. ESA said in a post: "The main engine of the service module is a refurbished engine from the Space Shuttle Atlantis that will drive the spacecraft on its way to the moon."

Yes, this ship has a mission to go to the moon and is part of a goal by NASA Americans and ESA Europeans to bring people back to the moon decades after the last mission. Thus, Artemis II (NASA and ESA program) will be the first manned mission to the Moon in several decades since the last mission, that is in 1972 (Apollo 17). ESA will demonstrate its capabilities through a risky and long flight, 64,000 km beyond the Moon (approx. 39767.76 mi).

It is a mission for ESA to see if the module they build is truly capable of performing. The Artemis I mission, most likely with a crew, will have Orion that will be integrated over the Space Launch System rocket. These missions will be unmanned. And the mission of Artemis 3 will be the mission that will bring back a man on the Moon, stepping on the Moon and the first woman stepping on the Moon.

We wish success to ESA, NASA, those in charge of these missions, and astronauts. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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