Exclusive photo from Perseverance now! See what the new "Issole" target stone looks like inside.


News! Exclusive images from Perseverance, posted by NASA on the rover's instagram account! The first three images above were recently posted on the rover's Instagram account and you can see in them how the new target rock "Issole" looks inside. As NASA said on Instagram: "This is how the new target rock" Issole "looks inside. Looks like another good spot for #SamplingMars". The Perseverance Rover is on a very important mission to Mars and to collect rocks from Mars, and then a NASA spacecraft to come, pick them up and bring them to Earth. In the three photos above, NASA shows the new target rock that Perseverence can take. 

Perseverance does a lot of other things on Mars, but now NASA is focusing on getting Perseverance to collect as many Martian rocks as possible. These rocks, to be studied by NASA, could have incredible samples from Mars that would help us better understand the planet. Rociel from Mars hides a lot of things because they are very old. Probably in them could be found the first signs of life hundreds of thousands of years ago. There are traces of water in the rocks, and if they reach NASA with those traces of water, scientists will be able to see exactly what the water on Mars was like. 

Each rock taken from one side of the planet may be different from another from another. Like, one rock on Mars may not contain anything, and another may "contain" a lot of information. That's why NASA wants to take as many rocks from Mars as possible so that at least one of them can work. But the agency expects all the rocks to contain new information, because we know relatively little information about Mars. We hope this Perseverance mission will help scientists learn more about the red planet and may have other information to help with a possible mission to Mars. 

More about the first rock collected (from the old article on Bailey Universe):

NASA has announced that the first rock on Mars has been successfully collected! The first stone sample was placed in one of the rover's compartments where he will keep it, until a rocket comes and takes the stone and brings it to Earth.

Perseverence was applauded by NASA and after NASA wrote on its behalf on twitter: "I understand." The rover will continue its mission to Mars, to collect more rocks from Mars, which after they will have to reach Earth, will be analyzed and studied by scientists and researchers.

This stone was collected on September 2, this year 2021, but due to the poor lighting conditions, no one saw if the stone was collected, only now, after 3 days it was seen exactly, that after the rover drilled with the drill, he took out the stone. The rover also tried to take samples from Mars in its first scientific mission, but unfortunately failed. It's great that now everything went according to plan.

We wish NASA and Perseverance success in exploring Mars, and we hope they will share such images with us. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 18 December 2021, at 08:30 am Los Angeles time

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