Extreme situation in La Palma

Credit: ESA/Copernicus
Credit: ESA/Copernicus

News! Update for 22 September 2021: a primary school was destoryed by lava!

News! After on September 19, 2021, 3 days since, the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma, west of the coast of Morocco, new images come from the psyche about this volcano. The first images were so far, from the ground. But the large and high-performance Sentinel-2 satellite from ESA's Copernicus program also captured the erupted volcano from space and presented us with the first known space images at the time.

More about the eruption of the volcano and many other details, as well as videos and images, you can find in our old article here: https://www.bailey-universe.com/l/a-volcano-erupted-in-la-palma-canary-islands/

As we told you in the other article, the volcano erupted with lava and throwing stones, smoke and much more from it. The first images showed that it was beginning to destroy crops and houses and this was confirmed. At this time, 166 destroyed houses in the Los Llanos de Aridane region were reported. But the volcano is still erupting in some parts, so it's nothing exactly at this time how many houses have burned and crops, but there are many.

The situation is extreme! 6,000 people were evacuated in the last report yesterday, approx. 6000 from that area and maybe from the island. And 103 hectares burned, but their number is much higher. And the volcano is still strong three days after the explosion. The lava is still erupting, many researchers and scientists warn that it could cause a huge explosion. Especially since the lava has a dizzying temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius which means 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Through the Copernicus program, ESA claimed that the smoke is likely to reach France, more precisely the middle of France, and this could happen quickly, approx. the end of this week.

We hope that everyone is fine, we wish success to everyone and we hope that no one is hurt at this time. We hope everything is fine.

And we hope that the Copernicus program will send us other data and images of the Sentinel-2, regarding the fire, but also other spaceships to send.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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