Filming on the ISS is over


Breaking news! One of the Soyuz capsules, which carried a mini-film crew on the ISS (International Space Station) for the first film made in space, landed safely on Earth. They spent 12 days on the ISS filming, and after a 3 and a half hour journey from ISS to Earth, they arrived safely on Earth.

The capsule landed on Earth supported by two red and yellow parachutes above in Kazakhstan at 04:36 GMT on Sunday. Those who came down from the capsule (the small team for the film) were: Oleg Novitskiy, Yulia Peresild, and Klim Shipenko. It is not known when the film will be released, but so far we know the following details: - The film is called "Challenge".

- The film is about an astronaut who needs an urgent operation on the ISS and a crew of doctors is taken to the ISS on an urgent mission to do the operation that is needed.

- Oleg Novitskiy is the cosmonaut who needs surgery. So far, in reality, he has spent more than 6 months on the ISS.

- Actress Yulia Peresild seems to be the main role so far.

"I am just sad. It seemed like 12 days would be a long time, but I didn't want to leave when it was all over, "Peresild said on state television after landing on Earth. However, after the trip, he returned to his family as the film director and cosmonaut on the ISS. Before that, after landing, they were taken to a media consultation for examinations. After a while, they will start filming the remaining part on Earth again. There are still quite a few parts to film here on Earth.

We continue to wish success to all those who were involved in the filming! Good luck!

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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