Galileo satellites have arrived

Credit: ESA-P. Muller
Credit: ESA-P. Muller

Breaking news! Galileo satellites have reached the ESA spaceport. This is very good news! ESA recently announced that Galileo satellites have arrived safely at the ESA spaceport in French Guyana. Their transport was done with a mission to send goods across the Atlantic, Ilyushin. The mission of sending them to South America has so far been a secret one, for security reasons. But now that they have arrived safely, everything is fine. Both satellites are placed in separate, covered, environmentally controlled containers.

These satellites also made some "stops", it is not known why ESA did not transport them directly to South America from the Netherlands. Thus their journey from the Netherlands to French Guyana was:

- this week, Tuesday, 5 October 2021, in the morning, the satellites left ESA's ESTEC test center in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, for Liège Airport in Belgium

- They left the airport and made a stop at Oporto Airport in Portugal

- from the Portuguese airport they went directly to French Guyana, where they arrived on Wednesday evening, local time (which means, somewhere on Thursday in Europe)

Today, Friday (local date of Europe), October 8, 2021, this morning, ESA announced that the mission went well and the satellites arrived in French Guyana. After arriving in French Guyana, they moved to the center closest to the space post, Kourou. This is where their unpacking will begin and the procedure will begin before the satellites are launched, which is relatively long.

ESA also announced that these two satellites are the first in the last batch of satellites, ie in "Lot 3". "Lot 3" containing 12 such satellites of the same type, Galileo First Generation. So, after these two, another 10 follow. The 12 satellites are built by OHB SE in Bremen, Germany. And here is the help of the UK with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd in Guildford, which has contributed to the navigation, search and rescue of satellites. Okay, now that we're talking about this batch of satellites, let's go back to the two satellites that have now arrived in French Guiana. The two will be launched from French Guyana, at the behest of the Soyuz launcher.

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ESA wants to reach an altitude of approx. 23 222 km altitude medium Earth orbit! Which is pretty much it, but it's possible. Their launch will be celebrated! This will lead to the 11th launch of such satellites and all in 10 years only. In addition, ESA said two more launches are scheduled for next year. And if you're wondering, if there's a Second Generation on these satellites, yes, there is, it's Galileo Second Generation, these satellites will be better, ESA suggests, and they'll start launching in 2024.

These satellites help us a lot and we should all know that. These satellites help over 2 billion Omani people out of the 7.9 billion worldwide. These satellites have the most developed navigation systems, which help people. ESA stated the following about the financing of these satellites through a post: "The full operational capacity phase of the Galileo program is managed and funded by the European Union. The European Commission, ESA, and EUSPA (EU Space Program Agency) have signed an agreement whereby ESA acts as the system design and development authority on behalf of Commission and EUSPA as Galileo / EGNOS Operations and Operations Manager. "Galileo" is registered as a trademark in the database of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (No 002742237). ", This statement was posted on

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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