Has SpaceX tried anything to save its satellites destroyed by the recent solar storm? Here is the answer

SpaceX said 40 of the 49 satellites launched last week were hit by a solar flare. Many of the 40 satellites entered the atmosphere and burned or are about to do so. And because of this solar storm that shot down 40 Starlink satellites, SpaceX could lose up to $ 20 million. 

The space agency said that the geomagnetic storm that took place last Friday made the atmosphere denser, which prevented Starlink satellites from maintaining their direction. At the time of the incident, Starlink satellites were in a temporary position in an extremely low orbit. SpaceX usually puts its Starlink satellites in an extremely low orbit during the temporary position so as not to be a threat to other spacecraft. The company also said the incident posed no danger to Earth. 

But did SpaceX do anything to save the satellites?

The answer is yes, SpaceX tried to save as many satellites as possible with the ground crews, but could only 9 satellites out of 40. The ground crews tried to save the compact, flat-panel satellites by hibernating them in a way that minimized resistance to advance. But the atmospheric attraction was too great, and the satellites failed to climb into a higher and more stable orbit, according to an announcement by the space agency. 

SpaceX did not expect this from what we know so far, and the mission to deliver this new batch of 49 satellites to Earth orbit seemed a success since its launch. Unfortunately, something happened that turned the whole mission upside down. But as Starlink satellites continue to be launched, the company has not mentioned a project interruption so far.

The Starlink project envisages the provision of internet all over the world, with thousands of satellites in Earth orbit beginning to form an artificial constellation. We hope that the Starlink project will go further by offering internet all over the world and we also hope that such incidents as the one that happened this week will not happen again. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 10 February 2022, at 11:55 am Los Angeles time

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