Here’s the scientific explanation of what would happen if you pour a huge amount of water on the Sun

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 24 April 2022, at 09:03 am Los Angeles time

First of all, let's be realistic, we won't be able to pour a huge amount of water on the Sun.

But if theoretically we could get close to the Sun and have a huge amount of water (maybe as much as the volume of the Sun), what would happen?

Many of you would probably say that we would light off the Sun if we threw an even larger amount of water on the Sun, but the scientific explanation is completely different.

It doesn't matter if you throw a glass of water or throw a quantity equal to or greater than the volume of the Sun.

Any amount of water thrown on the Sun will never cause its partial or total extinction, but it will make it burn even more.


According to scientists, the burning of the Sun is not chemical combustion, but a nuclear fusion.

Chemical combustion is very different from nuclear fusion.

In chemical combustion, the electronic bonds between atoms are rearranged so that the nuclei of the atoms change. The burning of chemistry can be seen almost everywhere on Earth.

For example, when you light a fire, the fire will burn based on chemical combustion, not nuclear fusion.

Thus, if you pour water on that fire, the water will absorb the heat, bringing the fire gradually to a point where the reactions can no longer be sustained. In short, you put out the fire.

In nuclear fusion, it's not a big deal. The brief explanation for nuclear fusion is that two nuclei of atoms will join together to create larger nuclei with a larger mass than the original ones.

So, as a final answer to the question: "What happens if we pour a huge amount of water on the Sun?",

The answer is:

If you pour water on the Sun, you will never light off the Sun, but you will increase the mass of the Sun.

Because its combustion is due to nuclear fusion, pouring an element like water will increase its mass which will generate an increase in its gravity.

Increasing gravity will lead to more nuclear fusion.

So, the opposite is true of what you thought. You will not extinguish the Sun by pouring water on it, but you will make it even stronger.

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