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The latest research by scientists and researchers shows that the Earth has a chance of being ripped out of the Solar System. This study started last year and this year the possibility of the Earth being torn from the Solar System is becoming more credible. However, this is only a hypothesis of researchers and scientists, currently, the Earth is "safe" in the Solar System. "The universe is not safe," said several researchers and scientists. So, not only the Earth but also other planets can be torn off and besides, it may be that in other parts of the Universe the phenomenon of a planet being removed from the Solar System has happened. 

The Earth's chances after more than 4.5 billion years of existence are: 1 / 15,000 to have a destabilized orbit. When can he do this? Most likely a star is said by researchers and scientists, as well as a few astronomers and astrophysicists. A star that comes very close to the Solar System, by simple passage, can disrupt the Earth's orbit and destroy life on Earth. If the star enters the Solar System, then the earth will be completely deregulated from orbit. This article was talked about last year and the big news sites in space made this information public. 

But now more information is coming out. In recent weeks there have been great researchers on this phenomenon. It was found that major things can happen: 1. The entire Solar System could be destroyed by a star. 2. The solar system could collapse. Okay, let's explain these things more clearly. 

1. How could the one-star Solar System be destroyed? It may not even be a star, but here it will be two stars. Let's not forget that in our solar system there is the Sun which is a star. If another star came in, what do you think would happen? The star that would enter, if it were larger than the Sun, which is very likely, both would begin to revolve around each other, until they "ate" each other and formed a huge explosion that would lead to extinction. The Solar System. 

2. The Solar System was formed by the collapse of a molecular cloud or a piece of a molecular cloud under its own gravity, so the Solar System could also collapse under its own gravity. The chances are extremely small, but there is a small possibility. 

However, we hope that nothing of the above will happen or at least not in the near future. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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