Humans will have to transform on Mars, scientists say

Credit image: NASA - planet Mars
Credit image: NASA - planet Mars

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 05 June 2022, at 10:00 am Los Angeles time

Scientists say that humans will have to "transform" during their stay on Mars, even if it is only temporary or maybe forever.

Martin Rees, the astronomer of the Royal House of Great Britain says that those who arrive and stay on another planet will have no chance of survival without the help of new technologies.

Scientists refer in particular to the body of a human being who has to adapt to the planet's environment.

Space suits and protective buildings on Mars are much easier to do than developing new technologies to make the human body adapt to the Martian environment.

Martin Reese believes that the first settlers will be partially cyborgs, meaning they will have some electronic components in their bodies.

Later, after a generation or two, the settlers on other planets will probably become a new species of humans, perfectly adapted to the new living conditions there.

Moreover, if they resort to such improvements, their life expectancy could be very high and allow them to hibernate for hundreds or thousands of years, thus making interstellar travel possible.

However, researchers say that Mars will not be Earth's variant 2, at least in the near future.

It will not be possible to make mass colonization of the red planet, and it will take a long time for humans to reproduce on Mars.

So only in the distant future should we think that Mars will indeed be a new planet for our species.

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