Images from space, from September 11, 2011

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

NASA remembers September 11th

One of the hardest days in America. On September 11, 2011, several planes knocked down the twin towers, badly affected part of the Pentagon and caused several damage.

However, even though all Americans were on Earth and some were horrified to see what was happening, there were Americans who were not on Earth.

For example, the only American who was not on Earth at that time was the astronaut: Frank Culbertson.

It surprised every possible space attack on the ISS.

He quickly pulled out a camera to film everything when he was told about it.

He said: "The news on Earth that morning was not good. Frank Culbertson will soon find out that part of the pre-planned routine of the day will be changed. As soon as he was told about the attacks, Culbertson checked when they would cross the east coast of the United States. Discovering that he was only a few minutes away, Culbertson took a room. The window in Mikhail Tyurin's cabin turned out to be the one with the best view. "

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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