Important news: A piece of a Chinese rocket fell right in India

Credit image: from Twitter
Credit image: from Twitter

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 04 April 2022, at 08:20 am Los Angeles time

As many of you have heard on Facebook that a piece of an alien ship from the sky probably fell in India, well it is actually a piece of a Chinese rocket. It is not part of an alien ship, but only part of the Chang Zheng 3B (Long March 3B) Y77 series rocket that was launched in February 2022. 

The re-entry into the atmosphere was observed in India, on April 2, 2022. 

Many people initially thought when the piece of rocket rocket fell that it was from an alien ship, but this is not the case. Only yesterday, April 3, 2022, a confirmation came that the piece that fell in India, more precisely in Maharashtra, belongs to the Chinese rocket launched in February 2022. 

Also yesterday, late, it was announced from India the same thing (that the piece belongs to the Long March 3B rocket).

Many of Chang Zheng 3B's remnants that re-entered the atmosphere burned, but this circle happened to fall. 

We mention that no casualties were reported, no major panic occurred and no material damage was reported.

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