In the future, astronauts will recycle water, food and even oxygen on other planets. See the latest initiative here


In the future, the astronauts may recycle water, food and even oxygen. This is what ESA would like, but also NASA, in the future. ESA and NASA are preparing now and want to find a way to recycle different things into space, given the rapid development of the space industry and new discoveries. It is not long before humans will set foot on Mars and builds on the moon.

For all this to happen, the space agencies are preparing a plan through which things like food, water and oxygen can be recycled. In this way, the resources they will have will be long-term, thus avoiding the various costs and long waiting times of a spaceship. Future people on Mars and the Moon will be able to live by recycling most of the things they have at hand. Space agencies have some ideas for recycling various things in space, but they appeal to the public for new, better, more efficient ideas. That's why ESA and the European Innovation Council are teaming up to gather ideas on how to implement "circular economy" technologies and sustainable processes in space, the two announced. 

An initiative like this has been launched in the past on the ISS (International Space Station), so the basic idea is known to all space agencies. Astronauts recycle all the water they have on the International Space Station, water from sweat, moisture from their breath, water from wet towels, urine and much more. So the same thing could apply to Mars, the Moon, and other places in space where people will step on it. However, at least ESA is looking for new ideas, through which recycling can be done in other ways than those presented above.

The MELISSA Foundation, created by ESA for more than 3 decades, has been investigating the design of "regenerative" or closed-loop life support systems for deep-sea manned missions. Also, the MELISSA Foundation launched by ESA has so far done a lot of projects about the life of some plants, creatures in space, but also important projects about water purification. This is a big fundation that work for the future.

The MELISSA Foundation continues to support ESA and is constantly working on new projects to better understand the understanding of space agencies that will send astronauts to other planets or moons in the future. 

New ideas about recycling different things in space will be announced by ESA as soon as possible after being examined.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 19 January 2022, at 08:38 am Los Angeles time

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