INTERESTING: These 30 news images from James Webb, show galaxies and stars in a new view

Credit image: ESA - Artist representation of the JWST
Credit image: ESA - Artist representation of the JWST

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 19 July 2022, at 08:52 am Los Angeles time

Recent images from the new space telescope James Webb include galaxies NGC 7469 and VV114, as well as stars HD92209 and BD+60-1753.

The images of these new targets captured by James Webb can be seen below in black and white.

These are black and white because no color filter has been added and no editing has been done to add colors, so what you see below are the images directly from the telescope.

Most of the images below have a very good quality, but due to the small size with which they were published, they may seem decalibrated a false illusion.

In addition, the images have more character for evaluating the performance of the telescope, focus tests, the quality of the images made by the telescope in a short time, etc., than for scientific purposes.

In any case, some of them look great and are of a much higher quality than those taken by other telescopes before, for the same purposes.

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