Jupiter was struck by a celestial body

Credit: Luis Pereira
Credit: Luis Pereira

News! An amateur astronomer captured spectacular images when Jupiter was struck by a celestial body. It all happened on Sunday, September 12, only now has it become known. In São Caetano do Sul, in the southeast of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, he positioned his equipment to photograph and film something amazing.

Pereira, who photographed and filmed, had long been trying to observe Jupiter's collisions with other celestial bodies, but now he was even surprised by a very good one.

He does these things for the DeTeCt program, a program that tries to observe the impacts of other celestial bodies with Jupiter.

We wish him and the program success and all those who make such videos as Pereira did, a lot, then he put them together, to take even more photos and videos. 

Credit video: Jose Luis Pereira

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen 

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