Lucy have problems

Credit: Lockheed Martin
Credit: Lockheed Martin

Breaking news! NASA's Lucy spacecraft appears to be in big trouble shortly after launch. Lucy has launched one day ago on October 17, 2021, and today, October 18, 2021, it is found that the ship seems to have problems with solar panels, extremely important components. This ship has two parts of solar panels. An hour after launch, Lucy opened both parts and NASA examined this process and everything went perfectly. However, today, after several checks, it is found that something is wrong with the solar panels of the ship that has the mission to go to the Trojan asteroids near Jupiter.

However, yesterday, one of NASA officials said the following about these vital components for the spacecraft: "The two solar arrays have been deployed, but one may not be fully latched. The team is analyzing data to determine the next steps. This team has overcome many challenges already and I am confident they will prevail here as well. " said yesterday in a Twitter report, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA associate administrator for science.

NASA has announced so far that only these problems are sound, and the rest of the components on Lucy are going as planned. But the condition of the spacecraft is still being analyzed. The spacecraft's solar panels are somehow "mandatory" to last throughout the mission. And, in addition to the fact that Lucy will set a record for the farthest spacecraft from the Sun, which has run on solar energy so far, these components really have to withstand, because if not, it will no longer be called "on energy solar ".

NASA has announced that Lucy is not in a crucial moment at the moment and there are no faults to cancel the mission. NASA said Lucy will continue its mission and make the two orbits around the Earth to pick up speed. NASA also announced that so far, Lucy's missions, as well as their data, will not be delayed due to the problem, and the same calendar is kept, with the nearest mission (when it arrives on a Trojan asteroid) in 2025.

We wish Lucy success with the missions she has to do, as well as those who work to keep the spaceship in space and NASA. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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