Meteor shower Draconid

Credit: earthsky.rog
Credit: earthsky.rog

News! Tonight you can see the Draconid meteor shower! Tonight, October 8, 2021, most meteors are seen in the sky in a rain of meteors, called the Draconid meteor shower. You can see these meteors today, after sunset. Tonight the Moon will shine less, so it's a great chance to see them!

Why do you see these meteors?

These meteors are not only seen this year, they are seen every year, it is a rule, somewhere between the beginning and the middle of October.

And why only during this period, what happens then?

During this period, the Earth passes through a periodic dust current, Comet 21P / Giacobini-Zinner. This year will see many Draconid meteors, perhaps due to the position of the Moon. In addition, these meteors can be seen this year between October 6-10, 2021. Of course, most right in the middle, on October 8, 2021, which is today. Approx. every hour you will see only a few Draconid meteors, you are lucky if you can see even 10-15 per hour!

Why are they called that?

Because they appear mostly in the northern hemisphere, from where you can see very well, where is the constellation of Draco Dragon. So if you are in the northern hemisphere, you can see a lot! It's harder in the south, and in the middle, you can see a few. 

There will also be other meteor showers and there have been, but usually, you can see them far from the cities, somewhere in the wild, in the villages, where there is not very strong light. If you want to see other celestial bodies and this meteors in your country, acces:

We wish you and all those who want to observe them, to be able to observe them! If you have pictures with these meteors and you want other people to see them, send them to: with the subject: Draconid meteor shower. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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